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The Batchery is a Berkeley-based global incubator for seed stage entrepreneurs ready to take their startup to the next level.

We are a community of more than 30 veteran investors, advisors, and mentors ready to provide you with ideas, insights, and networks. Our partnerships with law firms, technology providers, and other startup services means that you start building your company the minute you join us.

At any time, up to 40 entrepreneurs are meeting either remotely or in our Berkeley office, taking our advanced Deep Dive entrepreneurship course designed to get investor-ready, or the lean startup course designed to transform a startup from idea to launch at lightning speed.

Global Reach

Batchery startups come from all around the world. You are choosing to be in the Bay Area – ground zero for startup success. You want to share a busy workspace with other smart entrepreneurs. You want to move fast, make things, take your startup to the next level.

Deep Dive

Batchery startups are learning fast. Whether it’s the Deep Dive advanced course, the Batchery lean sprint, or the roundtables and the brown bag lunches, when you’re not head-down moving your company forward, you are head-up listening to some of the best startup experts in the Bay Area.

Expert Guidance

Batchery startups are in a curated ecosystem – one that includes Batchery investors, Batchery advisors, and Batchery entrepreneurs. All of them have a stake in your success. All of them will share what they know, look for ways to help you get it right, and if they have to, pull your jeep out of the mud.

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