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Batch 12 Virtual Demo Day

The Batchery is happy to announce Batch 12’s Virtual Demo Day! This online event will be taking place on May 26, 2021 at 10am PST.

This is the Batchery’s 12th Batchery Demo Day, where we feature 11 founders who have completed our program and emerged ready to pitch their startups to the wider investor community.

Batchery Virtual Demo Days promise outstanding networking opportunities to startups and investors alike.

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Nicslab — High density power supply controller for Photonics.

qChange — Coaching and leadership software for meeting improvement.

hopps — B2C application for the food and beverage industry.

Revitalize Energy — Energy & wellness supplements.

Peoplelogic.ai — Teambuilding and management performance software.

Crypcentra — Big-Data crypto assets evaluation platform.

Ai-Ops — AI platform for Industrial control systems.

Dashible — Retail & ecommerce promotion & Marketing platform.

Skygrid — Highly availability, high capacity, streaming service Cloud computing and networking.

Guilde — Home renovation & construction management 2-sided marketplace.

Melody Nest — music industry 2-sided marketplace.

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