What type of companies are in the Batchery?

The Batchery works with a wide range of startups. Our Investor Advisor community hails from many different industries and we are equally comfortable working in areas like software, hardware, B2B SaaS, B2C apps, etc. We also like to support some companies who are seeking solve problems of societal relevance, as part of our Berkeley heritage.

What if I am just starting up – I have an idea, and I think it's good, but I want to test it?

In general, the startups we work with have at least completed initial work on their problem/opportunity/value proposition, Minimum Viable Product, business models, etc. If a truly early-stage startup knocks on our with a transformative idea which we can't turn away, we have various ways to engage through mentorship and lean startup work.

What if I'm on my way? I have a product, a clear market segment, and traction with identified customers?

For companies at this level, the Deep Dive course is for you. Deep Dive is a 15-week full immersion into:

  • the problem you're trying to solve
  • your business model
  • your go-to-market plan
  • your competitive analysis
  • your management team
  • your corporate documents, financial statements and revenue projections
  • your valuation, your ask and how you will spend it

The Deep Dive course runs twice per year, in the spring and fall. You can find more information here: https://batchery.com/programs/

What is it like to be a startup at the Batchery?

Think of the Batchery as a microcosm of the Bay Area startup ecosystem, only a little safer, like a rehearsal space. You show up for the services the Batchery provides, do the assignments, and demonstrate that you are ready to do what it takes to grow your company. Our network of advisors are available to you, helping you build your business and take your next steps as effectively as possible.

How do I take full advantage of what you have to offer?

First, take the courses. Do the assignments. It sends a signal. You are in this all the way; you have hustle.

Second, use the ecosystem. We connect startups to service providers, mentorship through our Investor Advisors, and have robust supports available to you through our extended professional networks.

We encourage you to reach out to our Batchery Investor Advisors anytime (listed here). You can grab coffee at our workspace, or continue the conversation after any of the classes or workshops, or shoot an email to anyone who you think can help you on your way.

Will I get funding for my startup?

For our Deep Dive startups, we cannot guarantee funding. Getting investors is hard. Ask any of your friends who have tried to start a company.

We believe that the startup ecosystem is a little bit broken. Most incubators today seem to want to dress companies up for a demo day, send them out, and hope for the best.

We see our job a little differently. We want to take your company to the next level; make sure that it is a viable business, and help identify and remove the obstacles to its success.

Just like the rest of the venture investing world, the community of investors and advisors around the Batchery is drawn toward founders who demonstrate leadership through how they engage with the program and community. Founders who reach out and build relationships with our IAs, and who show up in the Batchery in the same way that successful companies show up in the world do the best. Persistent, curious, coachable, fully committed to succeeding.

In exchange for that, we will dive in to help your company. You'll find advisors at the Batchery who care about you and your company, not just your pitch deck.

The Batchery's investors have led successful funding rounds for our most promising startups. We also have an internal angel group, The Batchery Angels, which evaluates potential funding at the end of each batch cycle. Companies who are funded by our angel group are also syndicated through other mechanisms like Angelist.

Lastly, for every week you are involved in Deep Dive, we bring in a different VC guest to expand your network. These contacts are available to you as your startup matures, and when the time is right.



Okay, sounds good. So what will I get when I sign up? What do I have to give you?

Think of the Batchery like a gym membership. When you become a member, you are entitled to private sessions with Investor Advisors, instructor-led classes, support services, and a number of value-add partnerships.

And, the Batchery has a full-time team whose only goal is to make the Batchery ecosystem work for you.

Our membership fee – $400 a month – gives you the advisor network, the classes, the workshops, and the network of startup partnerships.

We also ask for a stake in your future success. It’s called a Warrant to Purchase Shares, and gives us the right to purchase common stock, fully dilutable shares of your company at a price locked in by your first qualified equity financing. For Deep Dive startups, the typical option is for 4%.

Do I need to live in the Bay Area to attend?

No! The great thing about the Batchery is our model is primarily virtual, utilizing Zoom videoconferencing. All you need is a computer and a high-speed internet connection. As a result of this model, we have the opportunity to work with the best startups, wherever they might be located.

We realize that our startups also want the opportunity for in-person meetings, so we do kick the program off with a two day Orientation Bootcamp, which gets you on-boarded and provides an opportunity to meet our Investor Advisors and team. Furthermore, our Demo Day is held in Berkeley, and we do require startups to pitch in-person at this event.