Rick Lazansky

CEO, Founder at Silicon Catalyst, LLC


Software (Enterprise, Consumer, EDA, Embedded, Fintech, Software Dev Tools, Hardware (EDA, IP, VIP, MEMS, Semiconductor)


Intel, Silvar-Lisco, Vantage Analysis Systems, Viewlogic, Denali Software, Documagix (J2), Compressent, Standard MEMS, Escalade (Mentor Graphics), RedSpark (Autodesk), Xpedion Design Systems, Agilent Technologies (Keysight), Silicon Catalyst, Consilient Systems


Team Building, Recruiting, Raising Investment. Corporate Management. M&A (Build To Buy Specialist). Engineering, Software Architecture.


Fun Fact

I used to be a restaurant reviewer. I went skydiving exactly once, with two parachute failures. Revewing restaurants is somewhat safer.