The Batchery Deep Dive. We consider this to be Start-Up 101. Qualifying start-ups have at least an MVP, have identified and/or developed customers, and are looking to put their startup over the next set of hurdles. The goal here is to create a compelling deal structure and business plan – not just a pretty deck, but a set of easily digested, clearly articulated frameworks for the company that have tested assumptions, metrics, and paths to business success. Using one of the most popular platforms for sharing your business with investors, we help you make the case and become investor ready.

This includes:

  • your business model
  • your go-to-market plan
  • your competitive analysis
  • your management team
  • your corporate documents, financial statements and revenue projections
  • your valuation, your ask and how you plan to spend the money.

Additionally, every week our virtual classroom is visited by a top-tier Venture Capital guest who offer the opportunity to get their feedback and answer your questions. Past guests have included Kapor Capital, Partech Ventures, Epic VC, Maven Capital, Unshackled Ventures, and many more.


Batchery Roadshow

Once a year, the Batchery recruits a very small cohort of five Series A stage startups to embark upon our Roadshow Venture Capital program.

This eight week program provides the opportunity to pitch our Venture Capital partners and form the connections you need to raise your next major round.

The structure of the program starts with three weeks of startup training and is followed by five weeks of VC office pitches.

We welcome alumni as well as outside startups to apply for this program, which begins in August, 2020.