Barbara Tien, Ponga

I’ve seen lots of programs “teaching you to pitch.”

The Deep Dive course was completely different. It doesn’t focus on performance—it focuses on content. It let me focus on things that really matter, build confidence, and prepared me to speak to what investors are looking for.

Once I focused on content, everything became easier.

With an investor’s perspective in mind, I can now speak to their concerns and it doesn’t feel like a pitch anymore.

On my first day, one of the Batchery investors reached out and said “how can I help?” They have all been very open and eager to help. They want you to succeed. They all have skin in the game.

What I would tell others is: the market has changed.

Startups today have to prove the business by bootstrapping themselves and bringing in friends and family for guidance. The Batchery IAs are among my friends and family now.

The Batchery is different in that it brings together not individual angel investors but also their personal networks. It’s like a big network of networks. As an alum, I look forward to mentoring other startups as well.

Barbara Tien, Ponga



What I expected, and The Batchery delivered, was great access to investors and resources. What surprised me was the degree of support from the other startups! It was like having a whole team of co-founders that I didn't have to pay in equity.

At first, I thought I didn't need an accelerator. But I took a chance on The Batchery because of their commitment to the East Bay startup ecosystem and their diverse network of investors. And I'm so glad I took the plunge! The Batchery definitely advanced Jumpstart's investment readiness, especially their rigorous due diligence.

The Batchery really lives up to its slogan 'investors in your corner'—Batchery investors actively advocated on behalf of Jumpstart within the investment community. The wealth of introductions made me feel like I was being invited to an exclusive party—and they opened doors for me that would have otherwise have stayed closed.

I was really impressed with the proportion of women and minority founders in my Batch. I never felt like an outsider.

Kate Stillwell, Jumpstart Recovery



I wanted to be in an ecosystem. Everyone here has different specialties. I get to talk to someone about retail sales, and I get to talk to someone about software and SAAS models. Anyone who comes here will learn a lot about what it takes to get a company on the ground.

Over the last 10 weeks or so my entire pitch has changed.

There’s a lot of people who care about your company, and they all have different domains, and I know that if I do this right, some of them will come forward and invest.

The feedback here is invaluable. I get more than one shot talking to people who might fund me. It’s one opportunity after another.

Marc Diamond, Shipbird