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The Batchery is happy to announce Batch 13’s Virtual Demo Day!

DATE: November 17, 2021 @ 1pm EST/ 10am PST

This is the Batchery’s 13th Batchery Demo Day, where we feature 15 founders who will have completed our program and emerged ready to pitch their startups to the wider investor community.

Batchery Virtual Demo Days promise outstanding networking opportunities to startups and investors alike.

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Trucard — TruCard is bullish about its mission to help consumers build financial wellness through save, spend, and borrow through its bullion based digital currency called TruCoin. The coins are pegged to LBMA (London Bullion Market)market price with 1:1 ratio where 1 TruCoin equates to 1 gram of gold

CounselHero — Counselhero is the digital school counselor. It helps students to decide, pursue, and achieve a career path on their own.

NFT FM— NFT FM allows musicians to dictate artistically and financially the terms on which they engage with their audience. 95% of sale revenue goes to the artist directly giving musicians much more of a chance to see the immediate results of their hard work. NFT FM differs from traditional NFTs because it transfers exclusive listening rights to the NFT owner. While typically NFTs consist of only an image or video file, our NFTs add full-length music on top of the media traditionally contained in NFTs. Our NFTs have been built to dynamically dispatch multiple types of media, drastically expanding the amount of experimentation that can be done in the format.

SteamChain Corp — Global FinTech company that lowers the cost of payment processing for global Supply Chain industries.

24hr Truck Services — 24HR Truck Services brings quality and operational efficiency to the transportation industry. We link Fleet and Independent Mechanics together with truck drivers needing maintenance and repair. Their platform and services support insurers, fleet operations managers, dispatch, mechanics, carriers and other key service providers.

FiliterHealth — FilterHealth is a smart air filter management system for commercial buildings and homes. An IoT sensor and app accurately detects the clog level of air filters, informs the user and with an automated ordering system delivers a replacement filter right on time. By optimizing air filter replacement FilterHealth ensures good indoor air quality from correctly timed replacements of filters that saves money by reducing the number of early changes. Commercial installations will realize huge savings (33%) by eliminating early replacements of filters, while being able to manage replacements to specific places with precision using a dashboard for filter status reporting.

Clusive — Clusiv is the creator of the world’s first e-learning and accessible onboarding platform built for and by blind and visually impaired people. Clusiv improves employment outcomes for state agencies, Enables businesses of all sizes to hire & train blind and visually impaired people for positions they never could have prior, and gives the blind community access to the digital age of technical and remote jobs at scale for the first time in history.

Mantis Robotics — Mantis Robotics makes the fastest, intelligent, fenceless robots for manufacturing and warehouse automation, that are 6x more productive and 2x faster to deploy than current robots.

Zelite — Zelite is a mobile app focused on empowering real estate investors by providing them with an integrated platform that has the tools and resources they need. Zelite will give investors the power to analyze and calculate the numbers on properties they are walking in real time on their phone, while giving them the ability to pick up where they left off when they open their laptop!

Cur8able — Guided by Stephanie Thomas’ award-winning Disability Fashion Styling System: Accessible, Smart, Fashionable® Cur8able™ bridges the gap between where the fashion industry is and where it must inevitably go to be more inclusive; by empowering people with disabilities (PWD) to dress with dignity and independence. 

LiveFreely: Buddy — LiveFreely provides digital health technology solutions that empower seniors and caregivers to take control of aging. Through AI, LiveFreely’s app, BUDDY, monitors, tracks, and alerts seniors, caregivers, and emergency services of critical health issues in real-time

Quantum Camp — Starting from the founding idea that all middle schoolers can do quantum physics, we believe kids and learners everywhere can do so much more than expected in traditional pathways. The way we are able to challenge the status quo is by immersing kids in creative, challenge-based lessons embedded in compelling narratives of discovery. These narratives happen to be about math and science.

keepwith® — Is a platform that teaches networking to companies, organizations, and conferences around the globe. To date, have done this through our suite of networking advisory services that includes workshops, speaking engagements, virtual and in-person conference support, and other services. We have an app in development Increases production and decreases maintenance with alerts of gusts and wind changes using AI data correlation on data from a scattered array of ultra-low-cost, ground-mounted sensors. Our experienced team is completing a field pilot to prove generation of actionable wind event alerts from our sensor data.

Overcome the Barrier — Provide 1-on-1 Spanish classes with Native Speakers from Latin America on ZOOM at affordable ($12/hour) yet profitable rate directly to US consumers. Our platform transforms any native speaker into a highly effective tutor in just 2 hours and completely eliminates the need to obtain a foreign language teaching degree.