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The Batchery is happy to announce Batch 14’s Virtual Demo Day!

DATE: June 1, 2022 @ 1pm EST/ 10am PST

This is the Batchery’s 14th Batchery Demo Day, where we feature 13 startups who will have completed our program and emerged ready to pitch their startups to the wider investor community.

Batchery Virtual Demo Days promise outstanding networking opportunities to startups and investors alike.

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Learn More About Batch 14 & their Founders

The Village App – engages local communities to help each other by connecting everyone from new moms to aging parents with the support they need.

Naina Tech Corp – is a software platform that leverages gamification to increase educational access and achievement for children in underserved communities.

VettNews – dramatically increases news creators’ transparency, trust, and engagement through a platform that invites readers directly to find inaccuracies, fix errors and Vett facts.

Kubond – is a trading platform designed to democratize fixed-income investment by fractionalizing bonds through the blockchain.

smallTalk – is a language learning platform that enables parents to introduce their children to foreign languages as babies, when they are most receptive to language acquisition.

Proven PCI – provides merchants with peace of mind through their automated cybersecurity controls for (PCI) payment card industry compliance requirements.

findingSpaces – is designed to make buying & selling real estate doable for the average Jo through a decentralized marketplace for DIY real estate transactions.

Diiclae – lowers the barrier of entry for artists and art collectors by bridging the gap between digital & physical art via a marketplace that includes NFTs, Canvas Prints, & Crypto.

Kangaroo Birthing & Maternity – supports mothers from disadvantaged communities with essential services such as meal delivery and laundry services, as well as educational tutorials.

Flickonic – is an entertainment-focused social media app, devoted to building communities around your favorite movies and series.

tuo – is a consumer credit platform that helps US banks and credit unions increase credit application conversions, and maximize consumer engagement. – connects self-directed investors’ favorite tools and communities with their brokerage accounts, so they can invest seamlessly and securely with a single click.

Cur8able — Guided by Stephanie Thomas’ award-winning Disability Fashion Styling System: Accessible, Smart, Fashionable® Cur8able™ bridges the gap between where the fashion industry is and where it must inevitably go to be more inclusive; by empowering people with disabilities (PWD) to dress with dignity and independence.